New Song!

Josh and Sara had the pleasure of collaborating with songwriter Cliff Goldmacher on a song entitled “I Don’t Love You Anymore”. It speaks about about the lies we tell ourselves in order to move on… We hope you like ♥

Sara Gazarek, voice
Josh Nelson, piano
Hamilton Price, bass
Zach Harmon, drums
Performed Live at the Cotton Club Tokyo, May 2013

“I Don’t Love You Anymore” by Sara Gazarek, Cliff Goldmacher, and Josh Nelson

What a sweet surprise to see you here, I’ll admit I never thought
Our paths would ever cross so soon, yes I’d love to sit and talk
I’m livin in the same old place, I fixed that broken door,
You look the same, like nothin’s changed, But I don’t love you anymore.

I know it seemed that when you left, I didn’t take it very well
That was then, and this is now, and there’s not much more to tell.
Put all the pieces back together, and I’ve never been so sure
That tomorrow’s sun will forget to rise, and I don’t love you any —

More of this, you’re more to me, more than I, I ever was to you,
I know you’re gone, I know the truth, I know I’m lost, what can I do?

I can’t say you’re only one, who’s got everything I need,
And all the promises you gave to me, I never could believe
But I’m all about forgiveness, that’s what broken hearts are for,
I wish you both the very best, the world is flat, the sky is green,
And I don’t love you anymore.